Fr. Alex Yeung, LC

I am a Chinese-American priest. Born in Illinois, raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Before joining the Legionaries of Christ, I studied Computer Science, Music and Medicine in Canada. At present, I teach philosophy at the Legionaries of Christ Center for Higher Studies in Rome, specializing in philosophy of religion, philosophical anthropology, the relationship between science and faith and philosophy of art. This summer I was elected Dean of the Philosophy Faculty, so I have another way of helping the seminarians in their formation, in addition to being a spiritual director and confessor. I’m happy to participate in this Church-a-thon to accompany some of my students, supporting them in this activity of raising funds for their scholarships. I am looking forward to visiting the many beautiful churches on our itinerary and praying for the intentions of many family, friends and supporters.

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  1. irene shen

    I would like to pray for Madeliene Glenister, Michael Glenister, Nancy Yeung, Dominic Zee, the last 3 all have Parkinson. Madeliene has a psychological problem, she is not eating, and has been hospitalized for a month.Also for Joe, my son in law who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which is in remission right now, let’s hope it stays that way.
    I also will like to pray for the killing in the middle east, all due to religion, and the hatred that it has built up, the health and well being for all the members of my family, and a dear friend who had foot surgery and is in rehap. he is a professional dancer, David Hallberg, for a speedy recovery so that he can perform again real soon. God had given him a gift talent to be the best male dancer in the world. My intentions are endless, i will keep them silent, I just need some prayers and help for a better world, and peace on earth.
    Thanks Father Alex

    • Fr Alex Yeung, LC

      Thank you for your generous support of our seminarians, and for sending me your intentions, all of which I have duly noted. I do believe God listens to our prayers, if we make them humbly and with a desire to correspond to his loving Will. God’s many blessings to you and your family!

  2. Julie Chu

    Great photo, Fr. Alex! Good to see you looking so well!
    I am happy to support your churchathon efforts. Please pray specifically for your mom, Nancy, and Uncle Dominic Zee.
    Thank you and take care.

    • Fr Alex Yeung, LC

      Thank you very much for your kindness and generous support. Please do count on my prayers. Please continue to pray for us!

  3. Maria Lin

    Dear Fr. Alex: It is good to see you looking so well standing in front of our Lady of Guadalupe. What a coincidence. There was a pilgrimage of Catholics living in Shanghai to Guadalupe this year. Because of them, I am more aware of the appearance of our Lady to Juan Diego. May her blessings be with you always.

    In Christ,
    Auntie Maria

    • Fr Alex Yeung, LC

      Dear Auntie Maria, thank you for your kindness and prayers. We Legionaries of Christ have a natural closeness to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and I chose her image for my priestly ordination cards. She reminds us that with her as our mother, we have nothing to fear, and that we can trust like little children the ways of the Lord for us — even when they are difficult to understand humanly speaking. God bless you and your family.

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November 18, 2014

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