Br. Jonathan Flemings, LC

When I was a ten years old a new priest came to our parish who shaved his head, was always enthusiastic, and paused at the consecration for at least five minutes. His missionary zeal–the fact that he shaved his head reminded me of the Marines–and example of prayer made me think, “I want to be happy and on fire for God like this guy. Maybe I will be a priest too.”  Now at twenty-seven, studying theology at Regina Apostolorum in Rome and only four years away from ordination, the same desire is still there! I aspire to combine the missionary zeal of St Isaac Jogues and St Jean de Brebeuf with the cultural incisiveness of men like Newman, Dulles, and Neuhaus. After studying in Cheshire, Connecticut and in Dublin, Ireland, from 2005-2007, I spent three and a half years teaching our seminarians in Connecticut. I finished a three year degree in philosophy in Rome last June and have three years of theology ahead of me. None of this would be possible without the support of my family and so many friends—thank you! You are part of my priesthood.

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November 5, 2014

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