Br. Anthony Freeman, LC

I like lightning storms, mango gelato and swimming…maybe I am peculiar, but ever since I freely accepted God’s will for my life, I have never wanted to be anyone else!

As a kid I was adventurous, big-hearted and entrepreneurial. I wanted to be a professional football player or maybe a politician or business man. Whatever I was going to do, I for some reason had a firm conviction that I was going to do a lot of good in the world.

Growing up I was a good Catholic but never overly spiritual or interested in my faith. I can’t even say what my opinion of the priesthood was, because it had never even crossed my mind.

In Junior high all of what is ‘most important’ was going well for me; popularity, football, girls…but for some reason I felt that with the group of friends I was involved with, my life was not heading down a successful direction…however I really didn’t know where to go or what to do, much less at the time did I care too much about it.

This leads to the pivotal moment in my life; summer of 2002, I was 14 and juggling my summer schedule between football practices and band camp. In the midst of that I agreed to participate in a Catholic Sports tournament in Baltimore (I am from Louisiana). During the sports tournament a priest gave a conference to the 6,000 people that were there but I felt like the only one in the room. There was one thing he said that struck me like nothing before:

“You are only happy in life if you do what God wants of you, what God created you for.”


Simultaneously, I felt very strongly that God wanted me to attend a Catholic boarding school in New Hampshire. I didn’t know why but I wanted to go to this school and also saw it as a chance to pull back and find a new tribe of friends.

When I presented this to my parents they told me no because this happened so quickly and I had worked so hard in preparing to go to my local high-school. A few days later though, they said yes and let me go. Years later, my parents told me that this was the first time I had ever told them I wanted to do something because God wanted me to do it. Thus, even though this was very new and surprising to them they had the faith to cooperate with what God had placed in my heart.

By God’s providence I later found out it was a high school seminary for young men discerning a possible calling to the priesthood. At the time I was not even open to considering the priesthood yet I felt at home there and decided to see what God’s plan for my life would be. What this school gave me was a deeper spiritual life that eventually through those years of high school enabled me to see that possibly God might be calling me to serve him and if so I began to see that as something beautiful and worthwhile!

Thus upon completing high school I joined the seminary and God has gradually and beautifully revealed his plan for me. After many years of discernment, I am confirmed that God is calling me to the priesthood in the Legion of Christ and that this is something that I want as well!

(Of course there are a lot more details to my story, some of them I know and others only God knows) For more details you will just have to meet me one day…

Sponsor Brother Anthony!

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  1. Debbie

    Make sure to wear comfortable shoes during your Church-a-thon for God may ask you to carry quite a lot for His people. God Bless you on your journey!

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September 18, 2014

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