Br. Alejandro Espejo, LC
I am a legionary. I am a proud Mexican and a theology student eager to understand deeper the mysteries of our faith in order to explain them to the men and women who God puts in my way and my ministry.
My mission and my deepest desire is that many other people can recognize the love that God has for each one of them as I have, and live the adventure of following God’s plans for their own lives and that lead to real happiness as I have experienced in my life since I started to follow him as a teenager. I discover this love specially in God’s mercy through confession and spiritual guidance from other holy priests. I want through my ministry to give others the possibility to have this experience of God’s mercy and the Joy that faith can only give. I want not only to know a lot about our faith, our church and about ‘what has to be done’ but (especially!) to help, to do, to serve, to share my adventure in faith that could be yours too.
I write periodically some of my experiences and insights at this blog

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November 16, 2014

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