25 Churches, 10 Hours, 1 Eternal City

Ever do a Church-A-Thon? We didn't think so...Join us on December 6th as we embark on a spiritual journey through Rome!

How it Works


Meet Brother Javier. Br. Javier is studying here in Rome  and wants to raise support for his scholarship….he wants to do something that is Spiritual (Praying in beautfiul Churches) Priestly (Interceding for others) Challenging (Walking all day) and Fun (sharing the day with many brothers) so he decides to do a  Churchathon! hello we are testing this

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Step 1: Preparation

Preparation: Brother Javier puts his testimony on the website and gets ready for the Church-A-Thon with prayer and sacrifice.

Step 2: Reaching Out

Reaching Out: Brother Javier reaches out to all of his friends asking them to support him and his vocation through this event. Br. Javier’s friends also reach out to him with the prayer intentions they have.

Step 3: The Big Day!

The Big Day: Br. Javier and all the Church-A-Thon brothers wake up early to make it to St. Peter’s Basilica for mass. After mass they pray the Creed at the tomb of St. Peter and the Church-A-Thon begins! They head out on foot visiting 24 more Churches thanking God for their vocation and interceding for others. 10 hours later they arrive home exhausted, yet fulfilled from a day spent with their Lord and brothers.

Brothers in the Church-A-Thon

Days Until Church-A-Thon!

Church-A-Thon 2013 Photos!

Stop #1 St. Peter’s Basilica. Here we have mass at the altar of St. John Paul II and the Church-A-Thon begins!

Stop #2

Stop #3 San Giovanni di Fiorentini

Stop #4 San Biagio degli Armeni

Stop #5 Chiesa Nuova/ St. Philip Neri

Stop #6  Saint Lorenzo in Damaso

Stop #7 San Pataleo

Stop #8 San Andrea Delle Valle

Stop #9 Saint Agnes

Stop #10 Santa Maria dell Anima

Stop #11 St. Louis of the French

Stop #12 St. Mary Magdalene

Stop #13 Santa Maria in Aquiro

Stop #14 Pantheon

Stop #15 Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Stop #16 St. Ignatious of Loyola

Stop #17 St. Bartholomew on the Island

Stop #18 San Nicola in Carcere

Stop #19 Santa Maria in Portico

Stop #20 Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Stop #21 Santa Maria di Loreto

Stop #22 Holy Name of Mary in the Forum

Stop #23 St. Peter in Chains

Stop#24 San Silvestro e Martino ai Monti

Stop #25 St. Mary Majors

Church-A-Thon Videos

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