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What is the Church-A-Thon?

The Church-A-Thon is a Marathon but with a twist. Instead of running 25 miles, we visit 25 churches spread all over Rome. In the same way that many marathon runners undertake the race for a specific goal or intention, we will carry your intentions with us and pray for them at every church we visit. We are blessed to be asked to pray for many intentions so we decided to dedicate an entire day to pray for all the intentions we receive. The whole day is seen as a pilgrimage done in an atmosphere of intercession, joy, and fraternal spirit. It is a spiritual marathon!

A marathon is never done alone.

First of all, you can pray for us! Not just on this single day when we will be going through the streets of Rome, but keep us in your prayers as we run the marathon of our lives, as we live out the joy of our priesthood for others.

Second, send us your prayer intentions!

Our lives are for others, we will pray and sacrifice for you. Send us your intentions!

Lastly, we need your help.

We are participating in a “marathon” that lasts our whole lives. In our formation for the priesthood we need sponsors and supporters to help us get there. If you are able to make a donation, we will be very grateful, but nevertheless, count on our prayers for you!

Brothers in the Church-A-Thon

Next Church-A-Thon in:

Stop #25 St. Mary Majors

Stop #21 Santa Maria di Loreto

Stop #20 Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Stop #1 St. Peter’s Basilica. Here we have mass at the altar of St. John Paul II and the Church-A-Thon begins!

Church-A-Thon Videos

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